AUTHOR: Nada Rochevska

Volunteers are the face of every sports event.
From amateur through the community to Olympic Games.

They are the first face officials, athletes, spectators, and guests are seeing at your sporting event and will interact with them all the time.
Unhappy, confused volunteers and unprepared are not supporting the sports event operations or your Team. They can make damage to your Team and to the image of the event too.

Volunteer Management is vital to the event’s overall success, and to reach that, you need to ensure that your volunteers get the best training and information they need. That will help you in the creation of the event volunteer-winning team.

But how to create it?
What is crucial?👇

Define clear volunteer roles and responsibilities.

Match volunteers to the right roles.

Train the volunteers ahead of time.

Keep engagement levels.

Show appreciation and recognition to high-performing volunteers.