To create a high-performance volunteering industry composed of inspired people with optimal silks-sets and ready to deliver successfully and world-class perceived events.


● Bring effective solutions to sports events organizers in the area of the management of volunteers
● Leave an impact on volunteer's career path and inspire the volunteering culture globally
● Ensure that the Management of Volunteers functional area receives the necessary recognition compared to its contributions to the sports industry.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition is the mindset regarding sports volunteering management as a fully dedicated organization to this industry. We keep the volunteers as the centerpiece of the program. We connect the operational side of sports volunteering with the academic world, using the theoretical knowledge to create better and more sustainable volunteering programs for our clients based on the local volunteer culture with an observational research approach. As a result, both the organizer and the volunteers grow together and benefit from the experience.

Founder and CEO of NR Sport Volunteering Solutions
Expert of Sports Volunteering Management


NR Sports Volunteer Solutions is a German registered Consultancy lead by MSc. Nada Rochevska. Nada is a lawyer by vocation, an internationally recognized leader in sports event management and volunteer leadership, and a former national basketball player.

A love of sports, especially basketball, has shaped Nada’s values in her personal life and career. Nada enjoyed considerable success as a national basketball player. Her experiences on and off the court taught her the importance of teamwork, individual effort, commitment, and how to stay calm and focused under pressure.

After graduating as a lawyer, these values were further homed in her role as a strategic team member associated with international projects for the National Democracy Institute (NDI), headquartered in Washington, DC, from a national perspective Skopje.

Drawing upon the values that had served her so well on the basketball court, Nada functioned as the International Federations Coordinator at the Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer 2016. She also took an active role as part of the NOC Chef-de-Mission team, NOC Assistant, supporting the Macedonian athletes for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and NOC’s Assistant at the Winter YOG Lausanne2020. Returning to her native homeland, as apart from the Local Organizing Committee of the Macedonian Football Federation, Nada delivered the Volunteer Program for the UEFA Super Cup Skopje 2017 and was engaged to carry forward a multitude of diverse projects in her primary role as the Sports Volunteer Manager at the European Mountain Running Championship in Skopje 2018. Her management activities included: planning, recruitment, screening and selection, orientation, training, performance management, and recognition.

In 2018 her comprehensive experience and academic knowledge in sport management were recognized. Nada took an active part in NIFISA International Sports Academy in Kanoya, Japan, and later as Team Leader Language Services at Tokyo 2020.

From passion and love for Volunteering to a real-life fascination, she has carved out a professional and academic career in this field.

A life-long learner with a desire to be increasingly involved in sports, Nada holds Master of Science degree in Sport Management with a specified interest in sport volunteering management and is currently completing a second master’s degree in Olympic Studies at the German Sport University Cologne with research focus in the Olympic Volunteering.

Nada uses her vast leadership experience in Sports Operations and People Management, formational regional and international mega sports events, to provide innovative solutions for clients seeking to develop sports volunteering programs through the promotion of a values-based framework

When combined with her legal expertise, her former life as an athlete, and a leading role in international sports position Nada Rochevska as a premier sports volunteer consultant.