Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management Framework

Our Volunteer Management Program offers a comprehensive framework, including promotion, recruitment, selection, training, management, and recognition. It ensures that all volunteers understand their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, it features a budget plan, detailed service descriptions for volunteers, and specific training requirements.


The recruitment plan includes clear volunteer job descriptions outlining tasks and responsibilities and ensuring volunteers are matched with roles that fit their skills and interests. It also determines the required headcount based on the event’s or organization’s specific needs, ensuring sufficient volunteer support.

Selection and Screening Strategy

A detailed operational plan includes a specially designed interview with questions and selection criteria. All volunteers are screened and selected based on their qualifications, skills, and suitability for the volunteer position. The selection and allocation strategy also helps to ensure that volunteers are matched with appropriate roles based on their skills and interests and that they receive the necessary training and support to perform their duties effectively.

Training Program

Our Training Program equips volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively and safely. Through training videos, webinars, and other educational materials, it covers sport-specific skills, communication, conflict resolution, and customer service.

Key Components:

  • Orientation Training: A comprehensive presentation and webinar based on one event, with guidelines for future events.
  • Functional Training: Templates and guidelines for functional leaders on necessary training content.
  • Venue Training: A fully designed presentation and on-site training by our team, based on one event, with guidelines for future events.
  • Volunteer Handbook: Comprehensive resource for all volunteers.

Additional Training:

  • Team-Leader Training: Focused on leadership and volunteer management.
  • Functional Manager Training: Guidance on working with volunteers, keeping them motivated, and the importance of qualified volunteer management.

This holistic approach ensures that all volunteers are well-prepared and supported

Management Plan

Our Management Plan includes policies and procedures, venue operational plans, and functional operational plans to supervise and support volunteers effectively and safely. It features tools for scheduling, tracking volunteer hours and contributions, and maintaining clear communication with volunteers.

Recognition and Retention

Our Recognition Program acknowledges the contributions of volunteers and provides incentives to encourage continued involvement. This includes awards, certificates, and various forms of recognition to show our appreciation for their efforts and dedication. Implementing strategies to retain them for future events.

Evaluation and Feedback

Continuously tracking performance, collecting feedback, and evaluating the overall program for improvements.