We are pleased to announce the successful acceptance and publication of our case study “CEV EuroVolley Skopje 2023” within the “V4V: Good Practice Case Studies” project, which is led by the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE) as a coordinator. This contribution highlights the innovative approaches and sustainable solutions we have developed in sports volunteering across Europe.


Project Overview
The V4V project aims to enhance and support sports volunteering across various communities. Our case study, focusing on effective strategies for engaging and retaining volunteers, is now featured amongst other exemplary practices on the EOSE platform. This inclusion recognizes our efforts and aligns us with like-minded organizations, groups of renowned researchers, and practitioners dedicated to enhancing volunteer engagement and effectiveness in sports organizations.


Details of the Published Case Study

Our case study presents a detailed analysis of the methodologies employed to boost volunteer participation and satisfaction. It also explores comprehensive strategies that have successfully attracted, trained, and retained sports volunteers.

Below are the expanded highlights detailing the approaches and methodologies covered:

  1. Innovative Recruitment Strategies
    • Develop and implement a targeted recruitment campaign that identifies and attracts potential volunteers based on specific demographic, skill, and motivational profiles.
    • Utilization of digital platforms and social media for outreach, including personalized messages and engagement tactics that resonate with younger demographics.
  2. Comprehensive Volunteer Training Programs
    • Establishment of a structured training curriculum that includes both general volunteer skills and role-specific knowledge to increase competence and confidence among participants.
    • Integration of continuous professional development opportunities for volunteers, fostering long-term engagement and allowing volunteers to evolve in their roles or take on leadership positions.
  3. Enhanced Volunteer Engagement Techniques
    • Implement a mentorship program that pairs new volunteers with experienced ones, facilitates knowledge transfer, and creates a supportive community.
    • Organization regular feedback sessions and volunteer recognition events to maintain high levels of motivation and acknowledge contributions meaningfully.
  4. Advanced Impact Assessment Tools
    • Applying qualitative and quantitative research methods to assess the impact of volunteering programs on community outcomes and volunteer satisfaction.
    • Data analytics can refine recruitment and training processes based on feedback and performance metrics, ensuring the programs’ adaptability and continuous improvement.
  5. Sustainability and Scalability of Volunteer Programs
    • Design of sustainability models that ensure the longevity and financial stability of volunteer programs, including partnerships with local businesses and other stakeholders.
    • Exploration of scalability options through pilot programs in different regions or contexts, enabling the replication of successful strategies on a broader scale.


Access the Case Study
Visit the V4V project page on the EOSE website to read our entire case study and explore other inspiring examples.




We sincerely thank everyone involved in this project—our team, volunteers, Macedonian Volleyball Federation, and partners. This project’s achievement reflects our collective commitment and hard work. We are excited to continue our journey, further learning and sharing our experiences to foster a more vibrant and inclusive sports volunteering landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we delve deeper into sports and volunteering. Your ongoing support and feedback are what drive us forward!

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