This month the CEO of Sport Volunteering Solutions, Nada Rochevska gave an interview to and journalist John Cunningham.

“Nada Rochevska led language services during the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She has been a part of many Olympics, both Winter, and Summer, since her first experience at the Lillehammer Youth Olympics in 2016.

Her vast knowledge of the volunteer experience and mega sporting events combined with her love of sport has led her to create Sports Volunteering Solutions, a German-based consulting firm that helps host cities, international federations, and countries to coordinate the roles, training, and work of volunteers.

Winning volunteer experiences are a key to successful events, as they foster memorable and lasting contributions. These sports legacies are what Nada is dedicated to creating

Nada’s story of how she became a world leader in the volunteer movement is quite interesting. Her name means Hope, and that is really central to what she is doing today…”