Daniela Negreda, a Brazilian-Portuguese Senior Marketing Leader, brings her broad Marketing and Business Development knowledge to NR Sports Volunteering as Consultant with more than 20 years of Marketing experience in both the corporate and sport industry.

Daniela worked for Kimberly-Clark Corporation for 13 years in different Marketing roles and countries before joining the International Olympic Committee for 7 years as the Senior Marketing Manager. She is currently a Consultant in Marketing and Business Development working for clients such as World Health Organisation (WHO), Digital Partners Switzerland and the Games experts IGNITX.

She is a strong advocate of education and self-development and is currently working on courses on marketing foundation, strategic analysis of big data and on self-transformation, assisting people to find their path and develop their inner-self. Her latest lecturers were at renowned institution such as Universiti Putra Malaysia, Glion Institute of Higher Education and Global Institute of Sports Business (GISB).

Some highlights of her career with Kimberly-Clark include the brand management of the leading toilet paper in Brazil, leading the implementation of a proprietary trade marketing tool in 18 countries in Latin America following the SAP migration coordination and development of trade marketing tools, reporting, trading and analytical processes within the US team and subsequently managing the Marketing activities of several retailer accounts in Canada, including Loblaws.

After K-C, Daniela secured a position in the Marketing Department of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In her 7 years at the IOC, she managed the strategic development, production and implementation of the promotional brand campaign for four Olympic Games with the objective of promoting Olympic Values beyond the Olympic Games. The campaigns had an integrated approach of TV, digital, social media, two-way engaging communication and a pro-social activation component.

Daniela also oversaw the development of IOC proprietary consumer and B2B research studies, provided analysis customised per stakeholder augmented by storytelling based on market trends. These research insights were used to successfully sell and renew partnerships as well as maintain the Olympic Brand recognition to its highest level.

With her deep knowledge of business development, she led the creation of effective fit-for-purpose sales tools which included compelling benefits to partner with the property. These tools were used for training, sales, and servicing of partners resulting in various contract renewals and new partners, including the multi-million dollars deals with Bridgestone and Toyota.

Daniela is an MBA graduate from University of Phoenix, holds a professional certificate from University of California, Berkeley and an extension certificate from Faculdade Getúlio Vargas, São Paulo.

NR Sports Volunteering is excited to have Daniela as a Marketing and Business Development Consultant. We are positive that Daniela will be able to strengthen our marketing efforts while ensuring that our principles and values remain the core focus at all times